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Ideally I want something that doesn't look too abnormal to be holding in a place where other people are walking by. I'd also like to be able to pass it around (to maybe one or two other people) to spread the non-smoking vibe amongst my friends. We mostly smoke either in a house, or a park, or walking somewhere quiet. I want something that I will actually use instead of giving in and sharing a smoke with my friends!Maybe you know them and you could give me a quick feedback to them. I found three pens which i like but i don't know if there good. I got three things which are important for me for my first vap.It's battery SAVE 30% at V2.COM - Limited Sale On NOW powered but it can hold a charge strong enough for about 6 average sessions before it has to be recharged, so I guess it would depend on how often you could access an outlet. Hey that's a really tough one, as you said the iolite and the Wispr both have some reliability problems so it's hard to recommend buying those, and I know a few other butane vapes exist but I haven't personally tried them yet and I'm a little skeptical of their performance. I would also enjoy learning other ways of vaping without electric power.

You can easily purchase a good one for less than $100.Temperature options range from about 200F to around 400F. The dual digital temperature display is a nice touch and easy to read. The easy transition between the chambers for vaping wax, liquids or herbs, makes vaping a wonderful experience for the users. It features digital five-button controls, a ceramic heating element, and heats up quickly.If you have always wanted a hands-free vaporizer, this is your best bet. The convection method, on the other hand, involves the transmission of heat by air or fluid movement, therefore, producing the vapor or air at its optimum temperature.Overheating materials of sub-standard quality will release toxic fumes into the vapor.

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